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The Grand TALE OF TALES SUMMER SALE on itch.io begins TODAY!
June 11 - June 22, 2015

Think back… when was the last time you bought a videogame from an independent developer’s own website? Not through some corporate entity widget, only 3rd party involved was someone to handle the transaction.
This is something which barely happens anymore. Rather than bitterly lament this loss of control over our destiny, meekly hand it over to Steam and drown in their big pond, we’ve decided to experiment with how we sell our videogames. Step one is to work with a partner who seems to care about giving devs some autonomy and control.
We chose to put our games on itch.io because they are cool and flexible and you don’t have to go begging for approval or for features to be turned on or uploads to be made, or even to have a sale.
So for the next 10 days you can get all our games at low prices. We share revenue with itch.io, happily.

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