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August 10 2015

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July 30 2015

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Corporate profits are beginning to dry up, property rights are weakening, and an economy based on scarcity is slowly giving way to an economy of abundance.
— Jeremy Rifkin, The Zero Marginal Cost Society

July 28 2015

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Scientifically inaccurate motion reading of a Mike Hinge illustration

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The notgames Fest 3 line-up has been announced! The exhibition will be open from 2-8 August if you will be in Cologne for GDCEurope or Gamescom, this is the antidote to all the noise and crazy crowds. (Though the party on Aug 4 from 18:00 to midnight will be packed as usual I’m sure.) Come play!

In the exhibition:
- Mountain by David O'Reilly
- The Landscape Processor by Simon Chauvin
- this world is not my home by neotenomie & Porpentine
- System 1 by Awww Design
- #PRISOM by Mez Breeze Design & Dreaming Methods
- Luxury $imulator by Rebeca Merrill
- Memory of a Broken Dimension by XRA
- Paradise by XXIIVV
- My Boyfriend Came Back From The War by Olia Lialina
- ZYX by Jodi
- Bounden by Game Oven
- Future Unfolding by Spaces of Play
- Diorama No. 2: Der Grosse Gottlieb by The Shoebox Diorama


(via Notgames Fest)

July 27 2015

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Steve Zissou: Please don’t make fun of me. I just wanted to flirt with you.

In the future, books—novels—will contain tiny films, music.
— Alejandro Jodorowsky
The Noise is the only weapon they have in their desperate pursuit to keep the world of gaming in its cultural infancy.
— Pyrotyger about GamerGate and GGAutoBlocker

July 26 2015

In a free society, so we are told, we are all capitalist investing in our lives, deciding to put more into our education than into having fun if we want to succeed, etc.
— Slavoj Žižek
A lot feels hollow about how games as a whole, the industry, fans, and art institutions interested in games, are treating game developers who strive for expression.
I find the lack of discussion and following action on supporting the arts hypocritical, since games relies so much on them to feel a sense of cultural legitimacy.
— Mattie Brice
The DIY spring centered around queer artists and the tools they used provided work for many events and spaces, and continues to be the example that games use to gain more cultural legitimacy in the arts and society overall. Yet we are not seeing particular success go to these artists, rather the use of their work for free with little benefits, with the ‘for exposure’ or ‘for the good of games’ excuses. What is going on here?
— Mattie Brice

July 21 2015

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Guillaume Lachapelle, Nuit étoilée, 2012


July 20 2015

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Play ‘ENOUGH’ by @Cabbibo a beautiful (and nostalgic) interactive 3d story for your web browser.

July 17 2015

Do we have such a “better world” thanks to the “free and open” Internet that we can feel 100% great about “saving” it? You’ll say “yes,” I know you will. Even to pose the question is considered obscene. You might even say so, posting angrily on multi-billion dollar services like Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr. Such “discourse” is the very point! The system is working!
— Ian Bogost
Choosing one set of disreputable billionaire overlords over another hardly counts as freedom, even less than choosing one brand of shampoo over another does.
— Ian Bogost
But the Stream, mobile applications, and moving images: They all show a departure from a books-internet toward a television-internet. We seem to have gone from a non-linear mode of communication — nodes and networks and links — toward a linear one, with centralization and hierarchies.
— Hossein Derakhshan

July 16 2015

The hyperlink was my currency six years ago. Stemming from the idea of the hypertext, the hyperlink provided a diversity and decentralisation that the real world lacked. The hyperlink represented the open, interconnected spirit of the world wide web — a vision that started with its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. The hyperlink was a way to abandon centralization — all the links, lines and hierarchies — and replace them with something more distributed, a system of nodes and networks.
— Hossein Derakhshan

July 15 2015

Or maybe it has something to do with gamers self-selecting for being people who care a lot about conflict and winning, who aren’t content to just disagree with other people but have to “beat” them somehow. Maybe the very nature of gaming appeals to people who like black-and-white moral situations and are made uncomfortable by nuance and ambiguity.
— Arthur Chu

July 14 2015

I’m scared of people who look at someone like Zoe Quinn, an individual who makes free indie games, or Anita Sarkeesian, an individual who makes free YouTube videos, and honestly think that these women are a powerful “corrupt” force taking away the freedom of the vast mob of angry young male gamers and the billion-dollar industry that endlessly caters to them, and that working to shut them up and drive them out somehow constitutes justice.
— Arthur Chu

July 09 2015

It really is about how you play with the system rather than having a system designed specifically to give you a feeling of achievement. You have to find the achievement yourself.
— Robin Hunicke
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